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Battle Scars!!!!

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[attachmentid=1217][attachmentid=1218][attachmentid=1219][attachmentid=1220]ouch!!!! my wife labeled the pics that is why they say big booboo!!! hahaha
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chest protector and mx boots !!!!!!!!!

thegoat :whip:

You will be sore for awhile.... Hope you feel better.
haha i first boboo om my ltr was on my chest and leg also.. looks almost the same. less brusing though. i was going to post pics, but never had a chance... my leg is scared..
hope you heal fast..
Looks like it stings :eek: :eek: :eek:
hey thanks guys, it looks worse than it felt, i actually rode like 15 minutes later after i let my buddy ride my ltr. and then i also rode the next day with him i just took it a little easy and wore my riding boots instead!!!!
still havent purchased a chest protector though should probably get one.
Glad your lesson wasn't learned too horribly...I didn't reconsider my riding habits until I ended up with three knee-caps. :( Thanks for taking the time to post the pictures, that's a hell of a bruise
nice...hows the ltr?? :p jk
all i can is OUCH!!!!!!!!!! I hope u heal fast becasue that quad needs someone to go riding with.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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