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Banshi Blanshi !!

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Went to an atv pull and drag today in IL and ran against a very hopped up banshi and wipped it by bout 15 lengths. Then ran against a yzf 450 with bout 2,000 in mods and he got me by bout half a lenght. Just had to write and brag!
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Sweet, you should take a vid next time

and its Banshee not "Banshi"
It's "sheet" not Sh...oh nevermind... :lol:
Yeah these LTR's go quick with only a few mods.
What all do you have done to it?
all i have is the cherrybomb and dasa pipe with lid off!
Get you a pipe, an intake, and some kind of fuel controller and wax the yfzs ass
yes the ltrs with a little here and there are extremely quick. The guy on the "hopped up banshi" must have been keeping it in first for ya :)
all i have is the cherrybomb and dasa pipe with lid off!

Yes there are alot of upset banshee owners out there this year. A new FI controller and our new intake and you will pull that YFZ no question.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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