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Backfiring And Pipe Discolorization

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I have the full HMF pipe with CB, and lid off. It did improve the power over the stock pipe and header by a few HPs. I do run it a lot with the quiet insert to keep the noise down around my private riding area, or when I don't really need every ounce of power.

I have had some issues with backfiring more than I think it should. It happens after I let off the throttle. It just happens a lot.

I also have discoloring on the header more than half way to the pipe. I know to the first bend is normal, but again, it is going too far for what I know.

Can any of you give me a basic idea as to where I might look into for getting it right? I do use the stock airfilter and I am in Chicago, so altitude is not the issue.

I don't know if I am lean, rich...I am no mechanic.

Thanks as always for your help.

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Discoloration is gunna happen to all pipes to varing degrees. Should really show about half way up head pipe. Will taper off after that. However, i wouldn't worry about the discoloration to much. Its gunna happen. As for the back fire, this is a fuel/air issue. As stated above try adding lid back on 1st. Do is back fire when you give or release gas? Any smoke...color? 1 pop or many in succession? What EFI you running?
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