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August Qotm

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Winner receieves 2 decals and a dvd from sand crusaders.

Please post at least three high quality/clean pictures, preferably outdoors in good lighting conditions, still shots only, thanks

Please also list all modifications under these categories:

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Pro Taper CR high bend bars
Pro Taper barpad
Moose clamp
Two Brothers full exhaust
Map 2 Pim/Fimak
TwinAir filter
No lid
AC Propegs (modified z400)
Custom block off plate
Custom grill
Custom number board/numbers
Pro Design tether switch
Denton steering damper
Outerwears shock covers
Pro Taper Synergy grips
One Industries graphics /seat cover
shaved stock fenders
Belray chain oil
Belray Thumper 10w40 oil
50/50 avgas/96
rear mount recall done
stock tyres MX
ITP XCR-3 20" trail
American Racer 18" TT

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rath grab bar
itp holeshots
hiper dual beadlocks rear
itp t9 pro series font
mx front bumper
tag handle bars
tag grips
uni air filter
ac nerf bars
quadtech seat cover
noss stering stabilizer
cherry bomb
powermade hand guards
tag +1handle bar clamps
pro design kill switch
generation x carbon fiber hood
13 tooth jt sprocket
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THIS IS MY MX RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
heres my baby!!!!!

if anyone can get hold of the seat cover to match my sticker kit i'd b greatful!!!

cherry bomb
ac nerfs (sent me wrong 1's,getting 1's with heels sent out asap)
lid removed
baffle goneeeeeeee
1 industries sticker kit
pro taper cr low bend
bling star frt bar (modified off my banshee)
666 stickers (got 2 give out a yell 2 my sponser LOL)
trail tech comp
pro grip handle grips
swing arm skid plate


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[attachmentid=623] [attachmentid=647][attachmentid=648]

DASA Exhaust (not shown)
Twin Air filter
Yoshimura CB
Hinson Clutch Inner hub & Pressure plate
Sidewinder Ti Moly Sprockets
HiPer beadlock Wheels
ITP GNCC tires
Pro Armor Fat Peg nerfs
Pro Armor front bumper
Flexx Bars w/ TAG grips
Pro Taper fat bar adapter
ASV Pro Perch & clutch lever
ASV Front Brake lever
Pro Design kill switch
Gen X silver carbon hood
Quad Tech Seat Cover
Updog #s & Backgrounds
TM Designworks block off
PRM rear skid plate (not shown)
PowerMadd hand guards (not shown)
Custom ATV Insider graphics
TOS mod
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I think every quad of the month has a little story to go along with it, and here's mine. I am 32 years old and first sat on a quad January 1 of this year. I bought a LT-Z400. In March I decided to try racing and joined a local racing association (GCQRA), and had a blast. The next day I bought my LT-R450. On the day before the next race, during practice, I had a horrible accident that knocked me out, broke both bones in my leg, broke a 10 year old kid's arm, flattened my front wheel, broke my grab bar into 4 pieces, and bent my frame. This was on April 29.

With all of the medical expenses and loss of work I couldn't spend anymore money fixing the R450, so I had to do it myself. Just 2 days ago, and with my leg still broken, I finally completed the repairs, which required cutting the frame up, bending it straight, welding it back together, welding in gussets and extra reinforcements and repainting it. It's had a rough life and hasn't even seen a race yet! But one week from today I will race it in the next race, broken leg and all.

The mod list is light, but includes:
Yoshimura Cherry Bomb
Unplugged stock pipe
Modified Twin Air filter and opened air box
Renthal LT-Z400 bend handlebars with Pro Taper pad
Modified Bombardier wave runner hand grips
AC grab bar
LT-Z400 UM wide-peg nerf bars modified to fit
Pro Armor tether kill switch
Custom hand-cut hood graphic

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Mods include:

Rath Nerfs
Rath Bumper
Rath Grab Bar
Power Commander
Flexx Bars w/ Houser Clamp
Oury grips

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I feel dirty I like one of the yellow ones...
Yeah I don't think the white is representing this month
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