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Atv Tour Racing Coming On Today!

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Just a reminder that the ATV racing Tour is coming on ESPN2 at 12 Noon today EST.
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Sweet .... so that s now on the West Coast ....



Gust as well as Jones got caught up in the beginning and it was 3 Hondas up front for awhile.

Jones and Gust made their way through the pack.

Once Jones passed Natalie he just walked away from him and Natalie was walking away with it for awhile. There wasn't anyone even close to him. They really have those LTRs dialed in now.

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For some reason i keep missing these races, I always have a tape ready and i usually know when to watch but i'm always interupted.
I'm staying in a hotel that has ESPN2 for once and I missed it!!!! :(
I missed it too, keep reminding us when they are on, maybe i'll be able to watch one
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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