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Atv Race Results On Espn For June 24

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Did anyone catch the race today on ESPN? I did, and it was awesome. Jeremiah Jones was in 4th place and he caught a rut and threw him off the track. He got back on without losing a place, then picked off 3rd, then 2nd, and chased John Natalie Jr. for a couple laps. On the 9th lap (10 lap race) he passed John Natalie, and shortly after that he killed the engine in a turn! John Natalie had no where to go since he was right against Jeremiah, and Jeremiah hit the lucky starter button and it fired right up, where he increased the gap between him and John and won the race.

1st = Jeremiah Jones
2nd = John Natalie Jr.
3rd = Doug Gust

Awesome race. :cheers:

Crap. I just realized someone else already had a post for this. Sorry!
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that was awesome coverage and good commentating by ESPN .i really enjoyed the utility quads also yokley kicked some CAN-AM ass with his king quad.
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