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Arena Cross At Challenger Pa?

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anyone from pa goin to challenger for the arena cross tonight ?

i am #17 tanner
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Im going to Westmoreland arenacross tonight. There will probably be more quads at westmoreland and the track is a little better IMO. I will be there though #52 B class
I used to race westmoreland. That place is a hoot.

I will have to come out and try it out this year.
I never said it was great. I was just saying it's better than Challenger on it's best day. And since there is no MX this weekend I have to race somewhere. Kyle call me if your riding somewhere Sunday..
I wasnt busting on westmoreland, I like the place myself.
I wasnt busting on westmoreland, I like the place myself.
Is there a website for these areana cross races? never heard of them.. Are they down in the pittsburg area? I am from the pocono's.. Thanks a lot

Jonathan Balascsak
hey zuk and r450, just curious, you know any good trails around the pitt area? im up 279/79 about 40 mins and the cops started watching for ppl riding on roads so im trying to find some legal places to ride. we got a local track with some ok stuff, but its only maybe a 1/4 mile long and gets old quick....ive seen a bunch of trails on the south bound side of 279 about 5 miles before pittsburgh, few miles past camp horne road i think...anywhere to unload around there and is it worth it?
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