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Are You Having Transmission Problems?

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I just thought I'd start a post where we can get some specifics on transmission problems. If you have had transmission problems and your dealer has recognized the problem and fixed it please post it here.

Post the following:

1. Problem
2. How it was fixed
3. Name of the Dealership
4. Address of the Dealership
5. Phone number of the Dealership
6. Service Manager name if you have it.

With this info if anyone else has a problem similar to anything that is posted here we can have our Service Manger call the dealership that found and fixed that problem. This should help us all out as we know what normally happens. The service manager says "that's the first I've ever heard of that." If we start seeing problems in other areas I will start another post like this one.

PS even if it wasn't fixed please post it here because the more info we can collect in one place the more ammo we have with Suzuki in the event there needs to be a recall.



1. Posted by Jake Janasek from

I was able to stop by the dealer and actually see what went wrong with the transmission. The 5th drive gear was seized on the countershaft. The seizure looks to be cause by a lack of lubrication or heat build up. If you look at the schematics of the transmission breakdown, you will notice that the 5th drive gear does not have a bushing. Only a light film of oil cushions the mating surfaces of the countershaft and actual gear.

AFter repairs and during first day of riding wining came back.

Dealer Info:

Golden Triangle Cycle Center
Service Manager Richard

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It sounds like your shift pin! A relocator will fix it.
my trans is making a strange ratchet noise in third, (steady throttle, mid rpm, flat load)
however, it is working perfect. I almost seem to attribute the noise to the chain slap and normal oscillation of the motor at part throtlle, full throttle power shifting with clutch, drag style it works fine. I have not abused my quad ever, so i wonder if it is a time bomb?
Its not skipping, jumping, whining, its not even "feelable", just noise.
i would be scared if i was you
3rd gear

my bike is in the shop for its fourth 3rd gear . Tejas Motorsports has done the work the 1st 2 times under warranty but now the warrenty is out who knows.I will find out tue.
When most shops fix it they use the same stock parts again FAIL FAIL FAIL !

LED Performance

Contact Arlan he does it diffrent and can cure the tranny problems.... no one believes me but i swear he can fix them !
question about this 3rd gear problem. its supposed to be 08 to 09 right? mine is an 07, and when i go full throttle like when im doing holeshots sometimes it is a BEOTCH to get into 3rd gear and its like it goes into nuetral or something. if im cruising it shifts easy, but wide open its like it just dont wanna go. but shifting from 3rd to 4th is easy even when im wide open. is this the 3rd gear problem or do i just suck at shifting?
Might suck at shifting lol.... What oil do you run ?
Stirling..that noise you are hearing is becasue your third gear is more than likely broken at least a tooth off if not more. Mine did that worked fine in all other geasr but in third it was making that horrible noise...STOP RIDING IT NOW!! Hopefully you didnt do anymore damage ....I was in the middle of my second moto this past summer and Im lucky i didnt get killed racing and jumping god forbid if it had let go in mid air over the jumps I would have gone nose first .

Get it to a mechanic or tear it dow yourself if you can !!
New to site today. Have 06 & has 50+ mx races on quad. Has yosh isotropic work. The trany exploded and we replaced cases. Rebilt the trany, replaced 1st Gear, 4th Gear Drive, 4th Gear Driven, and a shift fork. Everything else appeared to be okay. After we got everything put back together it seams like it shifts fine, however it wants to go from 3rd to 4th by itself when riding hard. But appers to not have the problem when riding easy. And also has a false neutral issue, in between some gears. Just wanting to see if anyone has any sugesstions on what to look for on this issue, dont want to have to take it to the stealership.

Thanks in advance!
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I would suggest getting the gears "race cut".
question about this 3rd gear problem. its supposed to be 08 to 09 right? mine is an 07, and when i go full throttle like when im doing holeshots sometimes it is a BEOTCH to get into 3rd gear and its like it goes into nuetral or something. if im cruising it shifts easy, but wide open its like it just dont wanna go. but shifting from 3rd to 4th is easy even when im wide open. is this the 3rd gear problem or do i just suck at shifting?
i have the same problem but mine doesnt go into neutral or anything it just doesnt shift. the shifter will go up a little bit but then just stops and wont allow it to go in to 3rd gear. and when it finally goes into there gear doesnt make any noises at all DOESNT sound like anything is grinding. just a pain to get in to gear.

and it doesnt do it all the time. sometimes it will shifts perfect which make me believe it may not be shift forks cause i beleive if it was shift forks it would do it every time i tried to shift into 3rd gear
So you don't think have problem with gears or shafts , has new snap rings on gears on both shafts, did notice rings had the tops pushed over alittle but was still in groves.

What about billet gears?

What companys do the work?
ATP! Call Mike, he can point you in the right direction.
Tranny Problems Too

I just hauled our 2009 LT-R (3 month old) to Golden Suzuki in Odessa TX with Transmission noise. The Mechanic immediately began telling me all the reasons why it would not be warrantied. Not very comforting after just moving over to Suzuki. I guess I'll ride my dependable quads (Yamaha's)
More Specific Tranny Problems

We have a 2009 LT-R450 with tranny problems. The problem we had was that the Quad jumped out of gear on my son. He came over to tell me and I did not hear any noise at the time just figured he hit a false neutral. He rode by in second or third gear and the Quad was making was making a heck of a clattering noise sounding like it was trying to be in more than one gear at once. We didn't want to damage anything further and I shut him down. It was making a clacking noise at idle. We hauled it back to our Dealer - Golden Suzuki in Odessa TX 432-332-1288
Don't know if this is the right place but I had trouble (might use a better word here) with bearings at the back. Was riding behind my son (me on a Honda <- please don't ban me) when I seen him checking out the back then the chain came off but we had checked it the previous week. Went home an jacked up the back of the bike to see that the rear axle wobbled around and the bearing case was about 9000 degrees. Once it had cooled down we took off the wheels to see that the bearing were completly shot at the sprocket side. Called local Suzuki dealer (In late December) but they said that they could only help in January and it would probably cost an arm and a leg.
Went to another Suzuki dealer and ordered parts (4 bearings, axle housing, spacer etc etc) Good news I picked them up 2 days later. Armed with a laptop with the downloaded service manual, resonable toobox and a lot of grease the only problem we ran into was pusing the new bearings into the casing which the manual suggests 3 special tools. 12 mm theaded steel bar, some big washers and a couple of bolts work just as well. to cut a long story short we had the whole thing done inside 3 hours and are back on the track.
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Look on my 3th gear.
Bike is K8 and have 23 hours.

My ltr450 happened the same thing what did you do to fix the problem I bought a complete transmission of ebay but is different, but when I check a oem parts diagram looks just like the one I bought of ebay.Please send me your email to send you pics of the one I bought so you can see the difference.
Serfred you should have just bought an aftermarket twin row bearing carrier. Just as much as the stock replacements and leaps and bounds better than stock quality bearings. Also those are greasable. Hindsights 20/20 though and this is a transmission thread

just my .02 cents...
I was riding my LTR at the track this weekend when the quad just quit moving. I said no big deal clutch smoked. But it will not roll in neutral. I pull the clutch in and it will roll. Also when the clutch is engaged it will not even try to switch gears just hand rolling. Im stumped. No noise, no grinding just stopped moving. If the clutch goes bad will warping the metal plates make it to tight to roll in neutral. But if the clutch is out it will roll. Need advice pronto if anyone has any.
Here is a link that will give you a little more insight to the LTR tranny

YouTube - kmsperformance's Channel

I believe there is something there because after loosing my 3rd gear, I replaced the gears, had them serviced by Yoshimura - it still was tough to shift.
I had this shift pin relocator installed and it now shifts like butter. After watching the video I suspect the new bracket holds the assembly where it needs to be for better oiling. I all can say for sure is that now it shifts noticeably better then ever.
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