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Anyone Using 13/38 Gearing?

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I was thinking of purchasing a 38 tooth rear sprocket but I wanted to find out if anyone likes it?

A little off topic I have a freind with a lt500. When we race I always kill him through the woops but he always passes me right at the top of the hill. Do you think this gearing would possibly give me that little bit of speed to beat him. I know I will lose top end but I can never pull third all the way through the hill anyway. So maybe it may help, I don't know, PLEASE HELP. Anything to shut his dumb @$$ up. Although he will never race me on a track or any sort of a race with jumps or turns.
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well just alittle hint we have a ltr and a zilla and no matter what you do to that 450 it will not beat the zilla those zillas have the speed of the 2 stroke and the torque of a 4 stroke their monsters
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