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i gotta say i love my ltr maybe a little bit more than my g/f. this thing rips

but i want to make it faster, i guess not nessesarly 'faster' as in top speed but more powerfull troughout for a better powerband

so far all i have instaled is:
*pro designs intake (outerwears)
*Cherry bomb
*Barnnet dirt diggers clutch
*oil cooler.

along with some body mods.
(blingstar bumper, pro armor nerfs, plastics, bars)

The next thing i plan to buy is the LRD or else the Yosh. full exhaust.
I really dont want to tear into the motor, not any time soon anyways untill my buddy's beat me. haha
so any external mods.

dobeck programmer?

any other ideas, tips, suggestions, ect. would be greatly appreciated.

thanks for the help. :)

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Go with the hmf or dasa if you want real power. Everybody seems to agree that the pim/fimak or powercommander is the best tuners. Nice thing about the pim is you just put it on and it already has maps built into it. There is a section on this in the site.

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Fuel did some great dyno runs already for us on several of the top exhaust manufacturers.

That information can be found here:

Several companies hadn't produced a system yet so not everyone is listed, but he did a great job at covering a wide range of systems. I'd like to see the LRD curve, as I gave it huge points for being so quiet

Not sure a larger injector would be completely necessary for your setup as of yet, once some motor work is down it'd come alot more into play.

A full exhaust system and your choice of fuel tuner is a good place to start, I'd jump in there
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