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Well I made a post about the forum going down because we were switching servers. Well after we switched it destroyed the database. So I'm guessing the host set up a backup from yesterday "hence why some of the threads are gone".

And theres some things not working, we are trying to fix them, thanks
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Good to be back!
Feels like I lost a day of my life! :lol:
i didn't know it was down.

just got home and everything i read at 6am still says i did not read it yet :angry: no big deal i guess and i can tell everyone's posts are posting now i just wonder if anyone posted today and it did not post?

thanks for letting us know and keep up the good work :)
i was totally freakin out, for like an hour i tried every 5 minutes
good thing i waited before slashing my wrists :lol: I'm going to have to run my DASA question all over again... :angry:
My post is gone too. It was a link to Junkie's new Yamaha!!!
Rolling Yammi
My post is gone too. It was a link to Junkie's new Yamaha!!!
Rolling Yammi

Then make a new one... jeeze

It was set back to yesterdays format

nice quad though, hahahahaha
When I realized the forums were down, I felt a tear well up in my eye...... *sniff*

Fat spinners Junkie :D
and somehow I went to 2300 posts...think the melt down had something to do with that????

:lol: :lol: :lol: I have to go back and check all the posts again...this is getting monotonous...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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