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All Political Debates

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Just wonderin what everybodys view on our man in charge is.

edited title to "ALL -- POLITICAL DEBATES" 9/05/06 -- volume
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Conservative here...not going to say anything more than that

I WILL be keeping an eye on this thread though :p
Feel free to debate politics in this ONE AND ONLY thread :) Don't want to see personal attacks or feuds come out of this though. If you're going to argue politics do it in an adult manner please
I think someone was onto something with FUEL for pres... ;)[/b]
I wouldn't wish the presidency on my biggest enemies, let alone a good guy like Steve :p
There are 8 billion forums on the net for politics...

Let's have fun here on the ATV forum... :fro:
Indeed there are more than enough political forums on the internet to satisfy anyones hunger to argue...this thread was doomed from the beginning but we let this thread go for a few reasons:

1) We try to keep this a user-run forum as much as possible and I believe this very much contributes to having such a tight-knit community here. If the users want to discuss politics they can come in this thread and do so (within reason of course). If they do not want to, simply move on past it and pretend it never existed. Trust me, this will be the one and only political based thread that will be left unlocked for a long time. I wanted to let at least one float out there to get a feel for things. With that, we do not want to be stepping into how users interact as much as most places...just enough underground moderation to keep things running smoothly ;)

2) It helps give a good sense on what users have a clue on what they're talking about...whether I agree with anyones opinion on here is all relative, if they present their opinion in a positive manner - it gives me great respect for them.

3) No matter who complains about politics it's obviously a hot topic...this thread wouldn't have ANY responses if it wasn't :p Let people get it off their minds if they want to...

Now I completely understand what you mean...this is an ATV forum, and should be left to nothing but fun and games. However, politics play a huge role in this sport...maybe instead of bashing either side, we should discuss what organizations/representatives we can support to support our sport.
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We need the smiley thats eatin popcorn for this thread. Cause it like the 4th of July its all nice and pretty right now but the fallout hasen't come down and set a bunch of stuff on fire yet either.
Did happen once...but the ground crew is keeping a pretty damn close eye out ;)

I have to agree on the fault not being able to be placed on ANYONE for 9/11...the 9/11 commission did their job; and I have to agree with the conclusion they came to
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