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Air filter issues

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I have ruined 2 stock air filters during cleaning. The material at the base of the filter cracks through. I have owned MANY bikes, and have never ruined a filter during service. I am going to buy a twin air, or uni, if they are available.
Is anyone else having trouble with the stock filter?
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I'm running the Pro-Flow from Trinity. If any of you are waiting? They are in. The kit does come with a "outerwears" over the K&N. I hope this knocks down some of the fine stuff. I never had any problems with K&N on any of my 1/4 cars BUT...I have heard that rumor before...and more than once.
I'm not really worried because I bought a white LTR...I heard they are tougher than the yellow ones... :arrow: :p
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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