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Ac Pro Nerfs

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i got set of ac pro nerf bars with the heal kickers a week ago. all i have to say is they are awsome looking and work well, but i have 1 complainted about them. ac left 2 much space between the heal kicker and the frame. i race mx and i have problems with that. when my boot comes off the peg it will wedge between the nerf bars and the frame. its very annoying. it a little on the uncomfortable side when im jumping a 60ft table top with my boot wedge next to the frame. i just think ac should rework the heal kickers a little bit for future people who buy them.
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yes, ac has a nice design for the support. they give you a piece that bolts to the hole where the stock heal guard bolted to the frame. then it bolts to the fender. its a real slick design. it looks factory.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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