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Abit Of Steering Dampner History

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Here is something I found the other day in my garage. Instructions from RAM Industries for their steering dampner (not called a stabilizer yet) for a '85-6 Honda ATC250R. I know it doesn't really fit in the LT-R450 forum but I thought that it might shed some light onto what at one time was a product that did indeed work, and still does. If you look close you can see that a VW steering stabilizer was used w/ an extention plus a small heim. Some people used the Bilstein dampner. Back then only racers used them it seemed as they didn't catch on like they have now (GPR, Precision, Elka... Scotts have been around for awhile now). They were painted equipment yellow and a 'RAM' sticker was placed on it to give some old school 'bling'. I had one on my '84 Kawasaki KXT250A1 Tecate 3 whlr, '85 Honda ATC250R, '87 Honda TRX250R. RAM made them for the 200x, '83-4 ATC250R and I think the Suzuki 250 quadracer maybe even other makes.
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I cant view the pictures.

How much did they cost back then?
I think you have to click on the non existant images... I think I paid like $65. for the kit in '85.

I remember looking around at the races, 'Dyno' Dean Sundahl, 'Lightning' Lance Schoonmaker, Steve Fenton, Mark Weixeldorfer, Allen Fox, Robin Davis, Doug and Mike Roll all had them at the time.
Lo Tech rules...

Very cool find... :D
I've heard several people mention using VW dampners, always wondered about that

Great find!
I don't know what i'm looking at in those pics??????????
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