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6 Cycle Engine In The Making

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there reasearching a 6 cycle engine as of right now.

it consists of your basic gasoline engine. the cam is geared down causing the cycles to be slower. this is how it works. after the combustion cycle, as the piston comes back up, water is sprayed as the piston reaches tdc. the heat in the cylinder caused the water to expand into steam causing another power stroke. thus your saving on gas! pretty neat huh?
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Not going to be too efficient with 6 strokes, and that will be a lot of water weight to haul around.
Integrated Starter Alternators with all electric accessory is what you will see most vehicles that are shooting for MPG go to.
If its like the 2 stroke to 4 strokes as far as power then wouldnt you have to run like a 900 cc engine just to get 40 hp?
If you used the exact ratio diff. between the 2cycle and 4cycle which is, 450cc is 1.8 times more cc's than 250cc ,it would be .9 more for a 6cycle, half again of 1.8, so .9 + 1.8 = 2.7, so 2.7 times more cc's for a 6cycle?

675 cc's

idunno :huh:
either do i, but its still a good idea. and baracuda... instea dof having a 20 gallong tank youd only need a 10 gallon tank becuase the water is virtually half of your gas.... in reality youd need 10 gallons of gas and about 5 gallons of water....

just my to cents... but i think it would be wonderful
Or they could just make the motors run on ethanol and build more ethanol plants and we could have cheap gas. But being a farmer that has to make a living off corn kinda makes me biased towards that approach.
I think it would be a lot less water, I think the conversion of water to steam is at a ratio of 1-1600 if i remember right. But also water canot be compressed too much water and the head and gasket would go bye bye or bend the rod, crank etc. but i wonder what effect it would have on rings and oil in the lower end. but if you could figure out the right ratio maybe it could work
I dunno...I'd rather see nuclear power...I wonder how that would sound...hmmm...I bet your nuts would glow
actually, a 4 stroke can burn gas all day long as long as theres enough fuel in the mixture....
actually, a 4 stroke can burn gas all day long as long as theres enough fuel in the mixture....
I don't think 6 strokes would sell.
for all you now beilevers....water in a 4 stroke engine doesnt cause it to sieze like a 2 stroke would. the 4 stroke engines pistons are oiled from the bottom, not through a gas/oil mixture from the top of the piston. 4 strokes with blown headgaskets can burn water all day long, as long as there is enough gas in the cumbustion chamber to ignite the fuel.

yes i left out the bloew gasket part but yes, a 4 stroke will burn water...
hmmn? i know very little and last i recalled was water does not compress.. i am not a non believer i would just like to see this 6 cyl. in the works and carrying as little as 5 gallons of water would add 41.5lbs of additional weight to your quad... what is the weight to horsepower ratio? if you take off 7lbs(?) is that equal to having 1 more horse?
what is the weight to horsepower ratio? if you take off 7lbs(?) is that equal to having 1 more horse?[[/b]
onesavage- yes that's what I've always heard that it was 7lbs. to every horsepower?
OLD NEWS ... you might recognize the name of the inventor (i know junkie does) if you are into engine building

"Offsetting that, of course, would be the need to carry large quantities of water, and water is heavier than gasoline or diesel oil. Preliminary estimates suggest a Crower cycle engine will use roughly as many gallons of water as fuel. "

the plus is no need for a radiator or a waterpump. the 5th and 6th stroke cool the engine, actually allowing one to raise the compression. "But with the chamber being chilled, I bet 12-, 13-to-1 will be no problem on cheap fuel."

24% gasoline (about 24¢ per dollar go to power, the rest is wasted energy)
30% diesel
33% turbo diesel
40% crower 6-stroke engine
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Yepp...I know that name...never used his cams...was always a Isky I knew Ed and T. Willy from back when we were still melting pistons with blowers and I'm getting old...

Anyways about the only good thing to come out of all this energy crisis/gas hike BS is the fact that many of these engines are now no longer a concept but a feasible reality...mostly in part to gas being so expensive...we have this steam 6 cycle engine...the ethanol (my personal fav) french fry oil trucks...and a hydrogen burning electrolesys (spelling) engine being developed for the Army...

Now if they could just get them to fold up into my briefcase like the "Jetson's" car... :lol:

Then I could fit more stuff into my garage!.... :rolleyes:
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