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450r Nerf Bars...

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I can get a pair of brand new AC nerf bars for a 450r from my buddy for REALLY cheap. Im just wondering if anyone has tried to put them on an LTR yet, because if I can fabricate something to make them work, I will. Thanks a lot guys.
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come on doesnt anyone know?? I really dont want to spend $350 canadian to buy propegs for the LTR, rathe spend 100(that is what my buddy is selling them for)
But them and try it. If it doesn't work, throw em' up on eBay and get your money back and some.
Well if can fabricate them then i'd say yes, if not i'm sure there are some 450r riders that need them.
I'm running Tusk 450r nurfs on my Ltr. I had to make a u shaped bracket on the front and they work great.
so do the footpeg bolts from the 450r match up to the ltr's footpeg? As long as those matchup, I will fabricate something to hold them on sturdy.
lol, hey as long as they are cheaper, its fine with me if it makes it slower!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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