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400 Nerfs on the LTR450?

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Since there are not really any nice nerfs for the LTR450 shipping as of today, I was thinking about modifying a set of Suzuki 400 nerfs. IMS-Roll makes some really nice nerfs with the heal guards but I am not sure how well they would line up with the rear fender and the peg mounts.
Are the pegs in the same peg mounts the same? What about the peg position in relation to the rear fender?

I was thinking about taking the bike and the nerfs to my buddies metal shop know that at least the fender support and the front mount to the frame would need modification but at the same time I do not want to re-engineer the wheel.

Any thoughts would be great!

best Regards,
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yeah Im waiting on the IMS pro peg nerfs and heelguards too. They told me release is early to mid april. The propeg nerfs are the old x factors. IMS just bought them out. I had x factors on my Z and they were the bomb.
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