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4-Stroke Wars--Glamis, CA.--January 15th, 2006

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Who all is going?

The race day is the 15th. We hope to arrive on Friday the 13th :?:

Camping in Wash #4...seems like #4 will be crowded but I hear the 4SW crowd is not your typical Glamis party goers so it should be more calm.

I look forward to meeting you all there! Look for our TRM logo on the camper and our flags...stop in and say HI! :shock:

You can click on the link in my sig and check our rig out...make it easier to find us!
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My wife was wondering if your wife was going?

Originally posted by FUELATV
We are going .......
She wants to go, but it is 2 weeks before the due date. I am kinda worried. Our daughter could be born at glamis?

That is exaclty what my wife said about you all!

Could be a fun experience!!! Plus, who one here can say they were born at Glamis?
I dont think im gonna let her go. I dont want to take a chance. Would be cool to born in Glamis though.....

Wow, good luck talking her out of it! You might not be able to ride at all if the conversation does not go very well!

Not sure what the "I'm with Stupid" thing is all about I clicked on the smiley...

I will edit it...I am in no way calling you stupid. :(
Just got back form glamis. Bike ran great. Just a tank of gas through it. Should be broke in. Next week or two we will se how she really runs. I got the pass. I will be there friday mornning for a photo shoot with sand sport magazine. When it gets close we will figure out a way to meet up.

ok fellas, where are the pics already?
Um...we actually did not take very many...OK, we took 2! We did shoot a little bit of video but I have not even watched it yet! :!:

We were just so busy and trying to meet everyone and talk to everyone for at least a little bit and out there it is such a PITA to haul the camera around. I did not feel right sticking it on with the wife and I was riding a bit crazier so I did not want it either...sorry Wht! It was really awesome though!
here are some pics.. I'm a yfz rider so.. here you go hehe

yfztech and RMD chick class winner

Builder and Jockeys

Stockbore class

Chicks Class

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