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13 t front sprocket

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Hey i heard you guys talk about putting a 13 t sprocket. I went to glamis this weekend and smoked everuthing up olds i was really impressed. I have a cherry bomb thats it. not one honda not yama 450 beat me. except 1 highly modified raptor and 2 banshees. suspension is great that were i took all the advantage. will a 13t make me faster? I weight about 180 w/ gear thanks.

I was thinking 1 t out in the rear
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I'm running a 13 tooth now. I love it. I weigh about 230 and it pulls my big tail so much better. I couldnt imagine a lil guy pushing it. I would highly recommend it. I never get in 5th on local races anyway, so I dont worry about hitting the rev limiter in 5th. I bought mine for about 15 bucks so go get you one I think you see its money well spent!!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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