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1/8 Scale Trucks Shooting The Hill

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My friend and I race 1/8 scale nitro buggies. Last season we built monster trucks to play in the dunes and race up Oldsmobile. My lightly modded MonsterGT was faster than his fully race ready MonsterGT because I had better gearing to go with trimmed Panther paddles, which gave me an edge.

He has been telling me that he is building a new truck for this Glamis season. We are suppose to race Olds the weekends of Oct 21 and 28 (halloween). Here is the picture that he sent me today of his new truck - a dual engine supersavage. :eek: He is also gluing together two sets of rear paddle to make it an ultimate hill shooter.

Holy ch!t. How do I compete? dual engine MonsterGT?

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i got some paddles for my jato. and a new engine for my jato to. but need to break it in..
that car is sick....
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