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08 LTR Ran fine all weekend and wont start outta the blue now, where to begin?

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Hey all! I'm new here and just don't know where to start on this. I'm a mechanic and can do cars just fine, but I just don't know what to do with the electronics here. So here it goes,

First off, the bike:
Pretty much all stock, have a crbm, no airbox lid, pea shooter pulled on a stock pipe. Bought it used a few years ago and it has run absolutely flawless.

So here it goes, I take it out for the weekend to little sahara (in Utah) and it ran perfect all Saturday, on Sunday it ran great but started idling just a tad low and would die from time to time only at idle. Sometimes it would be good, sometimes it would idle for a minute or so then die, and so on. So I would just flip the high idle switch if I wanted to keep it on while sittin around or whatever. Felt no evident power loss while riding, aside from idle it ran great.

So I wrap everything up that afternoon, throw the bike on my trailer and drive home. Once I take the bike off the trailer and try starting her up to move her back to the garage and it won't start.

It cranks over great, nothing seems outta the norm, I would check spark and compression but my gut feeling is that it's electronic.

After looking around I found a few people saying sometimes the crbm can have issues. So I popped that out, someone else (i think on here) said to try to take the battery cables off for a few minutes as that would reset the computer and there was no change.

So, where should I go from here?
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You can check for spark and injector pulse, but I'd bet the valves tightened up on you and doesn't want to start cold.
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