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06 ltr 450 has weak spark

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i have a 06 ltr that i was riding all day with several beer breaks lol and the all of a sudden when i tried to crank it it ran for about 3 seconds and stalled the it would not start at all pulled the tank off and pulled the plug it had zero fire swapped the coil for another one i had laying around and now it has a very weak fire and still will not start when i say weak u can see a spark but its very weak looking you can hold the plug in your hand and turn it over with a very faint tingle could this coil be bad also or what could it be has anyone ever has anything like his happen any help would be greatly appreciated
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Sure it's possible that both coils could be bad. Did you check for any trouble codes? Possible CKP sensor going south?
i dont know how to check the codes do i need a scanner for it or will it scan its self this is my first ltr
Ground the white/red wire in the CRBM connector and count the flashes on the FI light. Then go to the service manual for the diagnostic chart of that code.
i can not find the red white wire to short out what is the CRBM connector is it in a plug do i need to unplug it to short it out lol srry i feel like a newbie now im sure its something simple and im just getting frustrated today i put a meter on the connector for the coil and it only has 2 volts on it with the motor turning over and i also unpluged the ckp sensor and the spark stayed the same weather the sensor was pluged in or not

i hope this info will help thankyou i will look for the wire again in the morning
The CRBM connector is under the right front fender area. Most likely you have a cherry bomb plugged into it.
I think the service manual shows the location of it. It's a 6 wire connector.
ok i found it lol i was looking right at it its plugged into a fi2000 controller i grounded out the wire and it didnt show any codes the lights just came on as normal and went back off
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