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  1. LTR450 will not idle!! HELP!

    General Discussion
    Purchased an 06 LTR450 about 2 weeks ago. Got a fairly good deal on it considering it came with all 4 paddles, quad has air box kit, yoshi pipe, power commander 3, fresh trans rebuild, etc. bought it from the original owner! Anyways, the quad starts right up no problem but it will not idle. It...
  2. Need Yoshimura Cherry Bomb

    Hi, I m looking for a New Yoshimura Cherry Bomb, if possible in the retail package. I would also need to be sent to Argentina Anyone ? Thanks in advance
  3. Which exhaust is best for an 07 Ltr?

    Most people have recommended me Sparks, HMF, Dasa, Yoshimura, Rossier, etc. but I still don't know what to choose. I ride mostly dunes, but I want to start riding in dirt and desert conditions. I want an exhaust that sounds the best, gives the most power, and looks good.
  4. Wanted- Yoshimura rs5 full exhaust

    I'm in need of a Yoshimura rs5 full exhaust.. Let me know if you are selling!
  5. Want to buy yosh header pipe for Rs5

    Looking to buy a header pipe for a yosh rs-5 slip on. Thanks!
  6. Exhaust question

    Just got a 2007 ltr450 with a full HMF exhaust system. My question is can I put a yoshi rs-5 slipon on with the hmf header pipe or would I need to buy the yosh full system?
  7. Cherry Bomb question

    I'm just curious is there a way to test the cherry bomb to make sure its working exactly how it should? Like with a multi-meter maybe?
  8. map pim-2

    I have a Suzuki LTR 450 with a Yoshimura full Exhaust system RS-5, intake air filter K&N and hot cams Stage 1. I already installed the PIM-2 system with the pre installed map 2. Do anyone have a map that fits with my current configuration? I´m looking for some upgrade in my engine!
  9. Help with Vortex EFI Interceptor

    Member Introductions
    I just got my ltr450. And it has a Vortex EFI Interceptor. I have no idea how to adjust this thing or anything about it. I need yer help and opinion about it. I want a cherry bomb but idk if it needs it if my bike has this. The bike has a full yoshi Rs-5. Tell me something you know! (:
  10. big bore or built motor?

    Dyno/Tuning Room
    In the UK we are not restricted to the engine capacity in adult classes in motocross racing The mods i cuurently have in my motor are: Yoshimura camshafts yoshimura pim unit/cherrybomb superflowed by RTS (suzuki road bike team) high compression piston exhaust baffle removed 470/480/500/520...
  11. Yoshimura Cherry Bombs

    For Sale
    I have a BRAND NEW Yoshimura Cherry Bomb for sale that is still in the package. $25.00 shipped! please P.M. if interested.
  12. Complete or Slip-On Yoshimura RS-5.....

    I have a 2008 ltr450, and i was wondering if I get the complete yoshi RS-5, am I going to get a lot more horsepower, compared to a slip-on RS-5?? caus elike the 08' ltrs have a pretty nice header, and maybe i wouldnt notice a really dramatic difference between complete and slip-on..