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  1. Efi and wiring problem

    Hello I am having a anoyying problem with my quad the hillbilly before me butched up this harness it had a few issues looking to get them solved well to start I know the orange wire on the fuel injector and the fuel pump are tied together and then run to the fuel pump relay The gray/white wire...
  2. Tip Over Sensor bypass and Engine coolant temp Sensor

    Hey guys, is there any way to completely bypass the tip over sensor? I really dont have the money to buy the eliminator, and I did the silicon mod and the bike is still giving me the code for it, so I think I have a bad sensor. Also i am getting a code for the engine coolant temp sensor, could...
  3. Ltr not starting, wiring messed up

    Hi everyone, first time posting here! I just recently bought an 07 LTR. When i tired it out, it started up and ran great! A lot better than my yfz i had. Anyway, brought it home and it started up once with the elecric start. went to ride it again a little later and al you hear is the relay...
  4. Stock parts (mostly) -pro taper bars

    For Sale
    I have so many parts, I cant name them off. I have multiples.. swingarm... fuel pump... starter... computers... fuel injectors.. throttle bodies... thumb throttles... brakes... pro taper bars (like new)... dummy lights.. the list goes on... Text me and ask I bet I have it. 785-608-1725 My name...
  5. Help Please! Pretty new to quads

    General Discussion
    So, I got this 2007 LTR450 a few days ago. When I test rode it, everything felt good, and everything looked good. The previous owner took off the stock start switch and lights, and put on a different start button. he gave me all of the parts to get the original lights and start button set back...