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valve adjustment

  1. just bought a 07 ltr not sure if valves problem or efi problem HELP

    General Discussion
    so bought a ltr 07 stock engine it has a it has a fmf power power bomb header with fmf 4.1 exhaust , open air box lid with uni foam filter, and a cherry bomb, I have read around but no post seem to have what Im looking for , this is just for my ease of mind. okay so the bikes starts and runs...
  2. Ltr wont start, help asap!!

    Hey guys. Have a 2007 ltr 450. Full hmf, open air box, cherry bomb. Was riding about 2 weeks ago and quad felt a little slower than usual. Everytime we came to a stop i had to keep feeding it gas or it would die. Once i got home and washed it off, it wouldnt start, only cranked. I needed a...
  3. Problems with my 2006 Suzuki LTR450

    Member Introductions
    I'm have problems with my 06 ltr450. I was riding one night and it just shut off. So I checked everything I have spark The fuel pump is pumping I bought a new battery. Then someone told me to check my valves. So I checked them they seem to be in spec except one exhaust valve is low. So then I...
  4. Starting problems... Valves??

    Ive got an 06 ltr. And problems. it will not start by means of electric start. it will pull start though. (behind another fourwheeler) i had plug boot problems before with the same symptoms. i checked mine, it was broke so i replaced it, and the plug. no progress. is there anyway that it could...
  5. Please help! Can someone give me the "how to" on adjusting my valves

    Hello, my quad is still starting fine but i can tell it's gonna need some adjusting sooner or later. I know everything there is to know about a 2 stroke engine but when it comes to four stroke i'm not the greatest since i haven't worked on them much. I was wondering if someone can kinda give me...