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  1. '08 LTR450 slightly bogging and backfiring mid-high rpms

    So my ltr has a cherry bomb, no air box, k&n filter with pre filter, full Yoshi RS5 exhaust, and it's not quite running right. I've never actually messed with the mapping before, but I'm sure it needs to be tuned. How would I go about doing this?
  2. Put Fuel atv tune on Ltr now it wont start...

    SO i put a PCV on my quad with auto tune and i don't know if it had a tune on it or not but then i downloaded fuels tune for DASA exhaust and fuel ATV intake, and it was having a little trouble starting and then it ran pretty damn good and then it died. Now it wont start hardly at at.. anyone...
  3. Does anyone have experience with the Juice Box? I need settings

    Dyno/Tuning Room
    I'm just wanting some baselines to start with. I know how to operate it though, I've read the manual. Mods are 12:1 piston, hot cams intake cam, Williams (port/polish, +1 ex valves), full yoshi exhaust, pro design intake ring with uni filter and a two bros Juice Box (not the pro version). Id...