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  1. PLEASE HELP!!! Clutch/trans problem????

    General Discussion
    Ok, so I have a 2007 LTR 450 that I got rebuilt because I thought that I blew first gear. My mechanic tore down the whole motor and sent me a picture of my clutch. It was destroyed and he said all the gears were fine. I was confused because before we took the motor out, I was still able to ride...
  2. Ltr 450 tranny problem

    General Discussion
    ok so i took my 08 Ltr 450 to the track today. the quad did great with no problems. about an hour before i left, i slid into a tree out of a berm. it wasnt major, all that happened was that my chain popped off really weirdly. No the case is NOT cracked but somehow the chain ended up bending my...
  3. Loud grinding sound in first gear

    I have 2006 or 2007 LTR that I just bought off my friend. I took it riding a few times. The other day I went to ride it again and I put it in first gear. When i released the clutch i hear a loud grinding noise. I haven't tried to drive with it in first gear because I don't want anything else to...
  4. MAYDAY...MAYDAY BCS Shift Re-locator Bracket Help

    A little help needed. I put in a BCS bracket due to the shift pin boss braking (engine case). When I put the bracket in I lose shift motion up or down and will not shift through the gears. If I take the bracket out and move the gearshift lever I have full motion. I have the gearshift shaft...
  5. Stronger and better ltr trans gears!

    Recently I lost my first gear, thought I stripped all the gears off but later after I tore it down I found that I had only bent a shift fork. I don't want to put it back together without doing something about third gear. I hear that ATP racing engines has shut down is there any other companys...
  6. Transmission Whining

    Member Introductions
    I just bought a lightly used 2007 ltr and after I ride it for about a hour i hear this wierd whining noise in the transmission. Does anybody know how to fix it?
  7. Basically screwed myself..

    So i was attempting to replace the seal for the main drive and i made a real big uhh ohh... At this point im more frustrated than angry. Around the ring on the inside chipped, basically im screwed huh? :question: I fail:screams: