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  1. Wheels/Tires
    Just recently bought a pair of Alba Bead Locks for my LTR. The fronts wheels are 10x5 and rears are 9x8. I purchased 21x7x10 for the front, and 21x11x9 for the rear. I got the rears today and they're heavy as hell and don't think they will even fit with the stock heel guards. Would I be ok...
  2. Wheels/Tires
    I need a pair of stock rear rims for my 2008 ltr450. If anyone has a pair let me know ill buy them! I can pay for shipping too if needed. Let me know what you guys have. 8x8 4/110
  3. General Discussion
    Got the 09 LTR ready for the Fall:rock: only thing is im in need of new tires. I ride mostly road and trail, but we do plenty of riding at the local sand pit / dunes. I have holeshots with little tread and they dont seem to do be doing well in the soft stuff. My buddies and I do a lot of hill...
  4. Wanted
    im looking for a used set of paddles, preferably 20" or smaller, but that's about the only thing im worried about. would really like to get a set of the maxxis 4 snow, or something similar, only because I have about a mile ride on hard ground to the sand.. let me know what you've got Thanks
  5. General Discussion
    hey guys i just put my paddles on my quad for the first time and im getting ready to go out to Little Sahara, OK this weekend and i noticed my paddles aren't even. Do they need to be even on both sides in case i am going to do a wheelie and one side doesn't grab before the other? Will this...
  6. General Discussion
    I you could only run one aftermarket part on your ATV, what would it be and why? I ask cause we're building a 2014 Race Bike this year, and we want every possible angle covered, and Dad and myself really value everyone's input and experience off this site. Thanks everyone
  7. For Sale
    Got a set of tires, fronts are 21x7x10 sand stars rears are 20x11x8 GBC sand sharks both are pretty much brand new only rode on mayb 3 times, iv also got a motoworks carbo slip on for sale, you can call or text anytime 501-412-8911 ill send pics, not sure how to upload them
  8. Wheels/Tires
    Hey guys. Just got back from glamis and was a little disappointed in the performance of my bike. When I was just going on little rides my quad wasn't hooking up, just spinning the tires and roosting the crap out of whoever was following me. Then racing up olds I was gettin spanked by my...
  9. For Sale
    Iv got a couple of parts for sale off my 08 Ltr 450 Stock air box-$30 Stock front shocks-$200 ITP wheels with tires, fronts are stock tires the rears are 20x11x10 gbc xrex new with only 3 rides on them wheels are in great shape-$250 You can call/text anytime with any questions 501-412-8911
  10. Wheels/Tires
    Hey, i'm new with atv's and recently purchased a 2006 suzuki ltr 450. My question is, it has 10 inch wheels on the back, 20/11/10. Sprockets are stock though, 14 front, 38 back. For your information, I jump a little bit, nothing too extreme, I ride some track and a lot of cross country. So...
  11. General Discussion
    Having a hard time deciding what tires to pick for my quad, was leaning toward the ITP GNCC but have heard a couple negative reviews more good than bad though, kenda kutter xc's have their nay sayers aswell, razr2 $$$. I dunno i might be reading into the horror stories to much. I ride hard...
  12. Wheels/Tires
    Need new tires for mine and I'm just not willing to pay Razr or Holeshot money just to get the name on the sidewall. Started looking at some of the cheaper tires and a guy I know pointed me to the Artrax MXT-R that Motosport sells, he had them on an Outlaw 525 and loved them. For $45 a tire I'm...
  13. Wheels/Tires
    My stock tires are going bald and I do alot of dessert trail riding. Rocks, ruts, boulders, washes, granite, hills, etc.... I recently went to a website called and they have these nice looking trail tires comparable to maxxis razr2, gbc rex, and goldspeed but they're hella cheap...
  14. For Sale
    Tires are pretty muh brandnew, couple hours use. Just never go to the dunes so they sit in my garage collecting dust. If want more info or pics send me your email.
  15. Wanted
    Looking for a good set of rear stock take off rims and front stock rims and tires. Send text to 717-479-6196
  16. Wheels/Tires
    Always bought my race tires in combo deals. i know the stock front rims are 7x10. well i bought a set of brand new 20x6-10 mx fronts at a flea market for $10 for the pair! prob were stolen but hey they're mine now. but anyways, i know they fit 5x10 rims but my question is will they fit the stock...
  17. For Sale
    BAJA Rims, Tires, & LTR 450 Parts *New* Cernics Shift Pin Bracket -$45 3 Stainless Steel Tie Rods -$35 each Motion Pro Twist Throttle -$30 3 sets Pro Taper Hand Grips -$10 each 2 Sets Rear Breaks- $20 each 3-Steering Stem Bushings- $5 each Chain Guide Assembly- $35 Rear Sun Star Sprocket 37t...
  18. For Sale
    FS: NEW 10" Rear Douglas Red Labels, NEW ITP Holeshot XCR's Wheels & Tires - SOLD!! Thanks for looking pictures in the link LTR450 parts for sale pictures by aaman137 - Photobucket Bars - SOLD
1-19 of 19 Results