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  1. More Starting Issues, HELP!!

    General Discussion
    Hello again guys, I have been fighting with my newly bought LTR for about a week now. I have done everything short of pulling the crank out of this bike to try to find someone, and loe and behold a new problem arose today. While turning the bike over trying to get it to finally start, I noticed...
  2. 07LTR Hard start

    Not exactly a 4-Stroke guy to start off with. Anyways, got this quad a month ago. Happy with it but I know I should begetting better starts than I have been. Cold, it starts in a good 2-4 seconds or so. (good in my eyes) Now, after it's been ridden, (warm/hot) it takes anywhere from 5-15...
  3. 06 Ltr 450 starting problem

    Problem Solved!
    Just got this atv 1 month ago the guy said everything was fine with it no problems i used it just to make sure everything was going good. I bought it and brought it home next day turned it on with no problem but i noticed it struggled turning on for some reason it seems like battery is not...
  4. 06 ltr450 not starting? help!

    my 06 ltr 450 is not starting, the starter will hit and the motor will also roll over but it just will not catch. the plug is good and is getting gas to it. anyone have any helpful information to fix the problem? it has a cherry bomb and a big gun exhaust, nothing done to the motor if thats any...
  5. turn over but no start

    I just bought an 06 which is stock except for the yosh pipe and cherry bomb. It has not been ridden heavily since new. I am having problems starting it though. When i push the electric start the engine will turn over but just wont fire. It runs if i push start it but i would rather not do that...
  6. LTR Running Problems

    I have an 07 LTR450, stock engine with cherry bomb and sparks exhaust. The quad will fire up but doesn't want to idle. Once it has been run for a bit it seems to idle for the most part. This is not the problem. When putting the quad into gear the rpm's just drop and you can hear them just...