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start problem
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  1. Important Information
    I accidentally left the key in the ON position for the entire week. I tried starting it and no luck. I unhooked the battery put in on a charger. The charger said that the battery was fully charged. I hooked the battery back up to the quad and tried to start it. No luck. Also the neutral light...
  2. Engine/EFI/Drivetrain
    Hi, I have some crazy issues going and have searched and searched and found no answers. My 06 ltr's fi light blinks constant and it's like the cylinder is loading up with fuel. I will turn it over and it tries to start but won't. So the crazy part is once it's loads up with some fuel I can...
  3. General Discussion
    First of all, I`m bad at english so I cant search forum for a similar problem, So i tough somebody had the patience to help me out :) The thing is that my starter suddenly only makes "half" the sound it used too, and it wont start my LTR, it only makes like a "zzzzzzzzz" sound instead of the...
1-3 of 3 Results