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  1. new sprockets geared for sand.... Please help

    General Discussion
    I want to get another 450, it's a 2007 ltr 450 the guys said he put in new sprockets geared for sand, would it make a difference if I mostly used it for dirt and mud.???? And also how good are these with water.???
  2. Sprockets geared for sand

    I need help, I want to buy a 2007 Suzuki ltr 450 but has new spockets and is geard for sand. Would it be an issue if I drive a lot on dirt.? Please help. Also how good are these in water and mud.??
  3. Sprocket preferences?

    Who makes a " worth every penny" sprocket? Thanks for the input!
  4. rear tires and gearing need advice

    Hey, i'm new with atv's and recently purchased a 2006 suzuki ltr 450. My question is, it has 10 inch wheels on the back, 20/11/10. Sprockets are stock though, 14 front, 38 back. For your information, I jump a little bit, nothing too extreme, I ride some track and a lot of cross country. So...