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  1. General Discussion
    Hey all. New to the forum. Covid and stay at home is making me finally get around to some upgrades to my Ltr. And with the extra time I’ve decided try to give my bike a much needed makeover. 14yrs of riding it and it’s pretty much been the same. what’s on it right now 06 ltr450 -yoshimura full...
  2. General Discussion
    Got the 09 LTR ready for the Fall:rock: only thing is im in need of new tires. I ride mostly road and trail, but we do plenty of riding at the local sand pit / dunes. I have holeshots with little tread and they dont seem to do be doing well in the soft stuff. My buddies and I do a lot of hill...
  3. Wanted
    im looking for a used set of paddles, preferably 20" or smaller, but that's about the only thing im worried about. would really like to get a set of the maxxis 4 snow, or something similar, only because I have about a mile ride on hard ground to the sand.. let me know what you've got Thanks
  4. Engine/EFI/Drivetrain
    I need help, I want to buy a 2007 Suzuki ltr 450 but has new spockets and is geard for sand. Would it be an issue if I drive a lot on dirt.? Please help. Also how good are these in water and mud.??
  5. A day out

    Out in a plowed corn field
  6. For Sale
    Tires are pretty muh brandnew, couple hours use. Just never go to the dunes so they sit in my garage collecting dust. If want more info or pics send me your email.
1-7 of 7 Results