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  1. Hybrid question...

    I hear how great hybrids are, and how much better than keeping in the production engine, so if they're so great, how come I never hear or see any? Is it as simple as that building one is a pain in the ass, or that there isn't much difference from a production bike? Please enlighten me someone...
  2. Rmz 450 motor

    Hey everyone. i recently purchased a rmz 450 parts lot. it is just about 3 complete motors that are all torn apart. they are said to be 2008 motors i was wondering if they will fit in the 05-07 frames because they only have the four speed transmissions and i would like to have a 5 speed. also i...
  3. 2007 rmz 450 $1800!!!!

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    I have a 2007 RMZ 450. it runs great has pro action suspension, hinson racing clutch, new piston, cylinder and crank. new tires, pro taper handle bars asking $1800. I just really need it gone because i found a snowmobile i want to buy. thanks 814-341-9597 call/text or PM
  4. Will an RMZ engine fit into an LTR?

    Hi everybody, I have a 2007 LTR which needs a complete gearbox rebuild, however I have the chance to put a brand new 2009 RMZ engine into it but before I buy I wanted to know if anyone knows will it definitely work and any other thoughts you have on this idea. Thanks