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  1. Motocross
    hello everybody, im very new to this forum and forums period. i have googled and looked for information but just cant seem to find any on mx racing in north carolina. i am looking into getting into it if i can. any information is helpful. Like i said i am new to it all so i guess my biggest...
  2. General Discussion
    Has anyone rode a KFX450r? To be specific, a race ready one? I never see them anywhere, is it just cause they're rubbish? haha Cheers guys and girls
  3. Member Introductions
    Live in lacey, washington. Deployed right now. I have a 92 lt250r(NEED to sell to fund 450). I did my research and was lead to believe that a lt-r450 is the quad for me. I want to go to the dunes as soon as I get back from Afghanistan in july. But, I need that 450 first. Any help would be...
1-3 of 3 Results