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  1. North carolina atv racing / places to ride

    hello everybody, im very new to this forum and forums period. i have googled and looked for information but just cant seem to find any on mx racing in north carolina. i am looking into getting into it if i can. any information is helpful. Like i said i am new to it all so i guess my biggest...
  2. ATV Motorcross Pacific NW

    Pacific NW ATV (quad) motocross series. Be part of a series dedicated to ATV motocross in Washington and Oregon state. Classes for ALL ages and SKILL. Different tracks throughout the season. Hope to see you and the entire family there.
  3. ROLL DESIGN MX A Arms - Brand New -NEVER USED

    General Discussion
    I have a set of Roll Design MX - A Arms that I am selling. These are new and never used. I have only mounted them on my unused race bike. I have have had a change of plans for this up coming season and I have moved to another set up. I am asking $925.00 for them. Anyone interested feel free...
  4. 07 ltr 450 vs 05 yfz 450

    General Discussion
    i have my 07 ltr 450 and my friend has an 05 yfz 450. here is a list of what we have done to our bikes. LTR yoshi exhaust pro design intake pclll high compretion piston 13:1 web cams +1 one intake and exhaust valves slight port and polish on the head running 110 race gas sprockets are 13 front...
  5. new to cross country

    GNCC & XC
    I raced my first xc race this past weekend and i loved it. I had third to holeshot and got to second and was running good, until i high centered on a rock. Then, i got back to racing good and my thumb was cramping like crazy! Needless to say i was racing with a arns that were too wide and i...
  6. Looking for someone that will cut down stock swing-arm

    General Discussion
    i was on a thread not too long ago and saw a guy that had posted and said that he will cut down stock swing-arms and i cant find the post or remember who it was so if anyone knows of a person that will do that please let me know or if you do it please let me know because my friend is wanting to...
  7. trying to find 1st race or tracks to practice on soon in kentuky or tennessee

    hey guys got my ltr450 about a month ago and havnt really got to put it to the test yet like ive wannted to. id really like to do a mx race but what group would i be in since ive never raced. also if anyone knows of some races coming up please let me know id really like to meet some people on...
  8. halfmoon mx

    halfmoon mx

    Me at some local races.
  9. castle haynes mx

    castle haynes mx

    Me at some local races.
  10. Nor-Cal Atv group

    General Discussion
    hey everyone. if you live on Northern California there is a great group of people on a great website called and check it out and hope to see you on the site and at some rides.