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  1. Ltr not starting, wiring messed up

    Hi everyone, first time posting here! I just recently bought an 07 LTR. When i tired it out, it started up and ran great! A lot better than my yfz i had. Anyway, brought it home and it started up once with the elecric start. went to ride it again a little later and al you hear is the relay...
  2. high pitched noise when high rpm

    i have a 2006 ltr 450 and when i open it up i hear a high pitched noise. it sounds like it is coming from the engine but i cant tell. any body know what this is or how to fix it?
  3. 06 Ltr 450 starting problem

    Problem Solved!
    Just got this atv 1 month ago the guy said everything was fine with it no problems i used it just to make sure everything was going good. I bought it and brought it home next day turned it on with no problem but i noticed it struggled turning on for some reason it seems like battery is not...
  4. Power commander 3 or 5?

    im trying to decide which power commander im going to buy and im not sure which one i want.. i was hoping you guys could help me out here.. i know the power commander 5 is more customizable but is it better? ill give you a list of what im in process of putting on my quad so itll help out. also...
  5. Issues with ltr 450 please help

    Member Introductions
    :shocked: I am having issues with my 06' LTR 450 when I get any over half throttle it bogs down and sort of pops (backfires i think). I have changed the spark plug to Iridium and also checked the fuel filter and it was fine. I would love for this issue to be resolved I have had a blast on...