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  1. LTR 450 dies when given throttle.

    My ltr 450 was running good so i ended up buying a athena 100mm big bore kit. got everything back together the quad starts and idles good but when given any throttle it bogs for a second then dies. i put gas down the lines to get any air pockets out and still doesnt seem to be working. what do...
  2. HELP! Ltr starts and dies. Won't idle.šŸ˜”

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    hello I have a fully stock Ltr 450 the only thing it has is a twist throttle. So I recently bought the quad and took it out to the dunes. It has a really hard time starting but when it does start it runs for a little then dies. Also even while riding it dies on me. Here's my YouTube video of it...
  3. i need help getting my ltr running right!

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    hello, im new here and this is my first post anywhere. my ltr only has k&n filter and cherry bomb. so now to the problem, the quad starts right up and runs great in the begining but as i ride it, it seems to sputter (i think) as I step on it in first and shift through the gears or when im in...
  4. 07 ltr wont start

    for some odd reason my ltr only starts if i pull start it. the electric start doesnt work. it starts fine afer its been running but on a cold start it wont /watch?v=gKv2lkkCu3Y
  5. LT-R450 will not start or run. Help

    My LTR 450 sat up for a couple weeks and then it was incredibly hard to crank, the starter would turn over but it was a problem getting it to start, but once it started it was fine and ran great until it sat for a few hours. I have done everything I could think of to fix it because now it will...
  6. 450 running/idle/fuel problems help needed!

    Ok guys I'm a new 450 owner, that being said i just purchased an 06 450 tgat had some work done by williams performance it has a hotcam oversized valves and port and polished head Here's the deal, Cold start: Starts perfect just push of a button no throttle assistance to fire up Rev's nicely...
  7. A Few Problems I have Solved

    Problem Solved!
    First comes to first i love my ltr. Great quad. First problem i came across the quad bogging in the air, turned out to be the fuel filter. (see filter forum) Then one day quad just quit and was very difficult to start. Noticed the fuel pump wasnt priming after turning the key on. Checked all...
  8. 06 ltr450 not starting? help!

    my 06 ltr 450 is not starting, the starter will hit and the motor will also roll over but it just will not catch. the plug is good and is getting gas to it. anyone have any helpful information to fix the problem? it has a cherry bomb and a big gun exhaust, nothing done to the motor if thats any...
  9. ltr wont run or push start HELP!!

    ok i went camping and i put the key in turned it on:sadwavey: and nothing no light no fuel noise nuthing....i thought my battery was dead so i changed the battery from a raptor and it started but after 3 sec of riding it shut off and wont start agian no turn over no electricity it acted like a...