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  1. PLEASE HELP!!! Clutch/trans problem????

    General Discussion
    Ok, so I have a 2007 LTR 450 that I got rebuilt because I thought that I blew first gear. My mechanic tore down the whole motor and sent me a picture of my clutch. It was destroyed and he said all the gears were fine. I was confused because before we took the motor out, I was still able to ride...
  2. Blue Smoke- Guaranteed fix?

    Title says it all really. '06 ltr blowing some blue smoke, obviously burning oil. Now as far as I'm aware its either A- valve seals (Which I am replacing tomorrow) or B- Piston ring. :popcorn: Now is there a C? a D? E? etc. Just curious so I don't only replace the rings and valve seals and have...
  3. Why me

    Is it just me that this has happened too? This is the second time in 2 years. I am on a new build and my oil line has come loose again. I did not know this was happening. I did not smell any oil burning. Only thing I noticed that was different, at low RPM the quad wanted to stall on lap #4 of...
  4. 13:1:1 piston race fuel?!?!

    General Discussion
    I am rebuilding my ltr and decided to go with a 13:1:1 piston while the motor was apart. I have a yoshi rs5 slip on with fmf mega bomb header. Custom intake,cherry bomb and a few other little thing. I plan to buy a pc3. Does anyone know if they will make me a custom map and do I have to run race...
  5. Just bought an Ltr looking for top end options

    I just bought a 2006 Ltr, the guy said it needed piston and rings. Should I buy a stock compression piston or I have been looking at a 12.8:1 je piston. Next question would be is if I buy the je piston would I be able to run stock valves and springs
  6. Piston change

    General Discussion
    Hey everyone new to this site but I had a question on changing the stock piston an rings to a 12:5:1 piston. Here's my deal sent the head off to have new valves and port work done but also thought about changing the piston as well, here's my question since the cylinder is nikisil and has minor...
  7. Blue smoke

    I'm new here and to the ltr. I recently bought a 07 and it's burning oil mostly when it's cold but still does a little after warmed up and it's mostly on rev down the engine runs great. No cutting out or power loss. Any suggestions? Mods full DSA exhaust,stage 2 cams,trinity fuel timer,dirt...
  8. FS: ltr 450 hi comp piston and gaskets NEW

    For Sale
    I have a wiseco 13.1 hi comp piston and gasket set for sale brand new never used. I am asking $200 shipped. Thanks
  9. Piston, cylinder, new and used crank 4 sale

    For Sale
    Selling some parts out of the garage cabinets since I might be moving. All parts came off a running LTR. Here is the list-- --Used OEM cylinder in good shape. I had it checked and lightly honed approx 9 months ago. Might need a slight de-glazing or light honing? $100.--SOLD --Used CP MX94...