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  1. looking for pcv and auto tune

    I'm looking for a power commander 5. In good condition. And auto tuner in good condition. Feel free to text me with what you have. 816 seven 5 two 4 zero 9 six. Thanks
  2. Need a map for pc5

    does anyone have a map close to my build for the pc5. hot cams stage 1, pro design intake with k&n, full yoshi rs5, cylinder works 474 bbk, heavy duty moose valves and springs. could someone please help me out.
  3. Wtb Big 3. Dasa full, Pc5, Fuel Intake!! Asap!

    Hey guys, got a Dune trip coming up and some major competition. So im really wanting to get a big 3 setup. But 995 buckaroos is a lot so I'm gonna try and see abt getting it a little cheaper Looking to get a Dasa full exhaust, Pc5 and a Fuel ATV intake. Must all be in good condition. Prefer the...
  4. PC5 map/help please

    Dyno/Tuning Room
    Hey guys im looking for a map for the following PLEASE just above sea level, 1200 ft 75-80 degrees dasa full exhaust velocity intake with lid removed hotcam intake....stock exh. I'm using the the basic dasa map from fuel atv but it seems like i'm not getting enough fuel hi range in 3rd...
  5. Just got PC5 and Autotune and header red hot!

    Dyno/Tuning Room
    I just installed a pc5 and an autotune kit and a brand new dasa pipe with a fuel atv air filter kit and when i turn on the quad and let it idle for a minute or two the header gets red hot you cant see it during the day but at night you can is this normal? My add ons are Dasa full exhaust Port...
  6. looking for pc5 or pc3

    looking for a power commander 3 or 5 with or without autotune ok if used as long as it really works.