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  1. Dyno/Tuning Room
    I live next to the St. Anthony dunes in idaho just above 5k elevation. I have stock compression, air box lid removed, k&n with a pre-filter, Yoshi slip on, intake and exhaust hot cams, cherry bomb and then the PC3. Is there a map for my 07 ltr 450 that is at least close for my elevation?
  2. Dyno/Tuning Room
    I need a power commander 3 map for my 06 Mods- cherry bomb lid off with K&N Hotcams stg 1 Intake & Exhaust Mild port an polish by miller decked head JE 12.8:1 piston stock bore Pro Circuit exhaust 91 fuel Anyone with similar mods would be greatly appreciated. I Have searched the thread from...
  3. Engine/EFI/Drivetrain
    I have a 06 ltr and I want to get a slip on exhaust. I'm looking at the hmf exhaust. I currently have a cherry bomb, no baffle on the exhaust, and the airbox lid off. I would like to know if I need to get a pc3 or anything like that if I get the exhaust.
  4. General Discussion
    Easy question for someone. Just like the title says, I've got a PC3 for my 06 LTR and the recommended location under the seat looks like it's not going to work. I get the feeling that the seat will smash the PC3 if I push it down far enough to actually latch. The install sheet also recommended...
  5. Wanted
    looking for a power commander 3 or 5 with or without autotune ok if used as long as it really works.
  6. Wanted
    Looking for a power commander 3 or 5 efi controller pm me if you have one for sale thanks! i also have a kicker zx1000.1 amp i would trade for one
  7. For Sale
    My blew 3rd gear- again therefore I am selling the bike. I have a Lone Star Racing (Axcalibar Pro) axle that is two months old with 3 rides on it. I have the receipts and the warrantee should be transferable. Note the manufacture date stamp 3/11. $350 I also have: Fox Podium X rear shock...
  8. For Sale
    SOLD For Sale is a PCIII off my 2007 LTR 450. It is in perfect working order and comes with all parts. It is currently tuned to work with a Trinity Stage IV Exhaust and Intake. I have the exhaust for sale still as well if you are interested. Asking $200 obo for the PCIII...
  9. For Sale
    I just sold my 2007 LTR450 and have a load of parts to get rid of because they guy wanted to save some money?????? I bought the LTR in March of 2008 as a left over at the dealership. Everything is used, but is in really good functioning condition. I didn't use the quad but 25hrs tops. I will...
  10. For Sale
    For sale NEED CASH FAST priced to SELL all parts were installed and ridden a few hrs NOT raced yet. Sold the quad in stock form so the good stuff is ready to sell. DASA Full exhaust PC3 USB Lone Star DC-4 Long Travel +0+0 a-arms Long Travel Elka Elite Shocks Black plastics Full set Uncut LIKE...
1-10 of 10 Results