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  1. PLEASE HELP!!! Clutch/trans problem????

    General Discussion
    Ok, so I have a 2007 LTR 450 that I got rebuilt because I thought that I blew first gear. My mechanic tore down the whole motor and sent me a picture of my clutch. It was destroyed and he said all the gears were fine. I was confused because before we took the motor out, I was still able to ride...
  2. Wtb motor

    Looking for motor preferably a 2008. Stock is fine. Just private message me as soon as possible.
  3. Why me

    Is it just me that this has happened too? This is the second time in 2 years. I am on a new build and my oil line has come loose again. I did not know this was happening. I did not smell any oil burning. Only thing I noticed that was different, at low RPM the quad wanted to stall on lap #4 of...
  4. 2007 Ltr whp estimate on worked bike?

    General Discussion
    Hello I have a suzuki 2007 Ltr 450 I have an Athena 493cc big bore kit, hot cams, springs air intake, exhaust gutted, dynatech tuner, Fox floats all around, Rpm swing arm, dominator 2 axle, tag steering stem, itp quad cross and bead lock rims all around. Can anyone give me an estimated WHP and...
  5. 2008 LTR complete part out

    For Sale
    2008 LTR part out(Head, chassis, cases) Bought a 08 LTR from a guy in town. Not a scratch on the frame, Honestly not even under it. I can be reached at 706-993-6991 for any parts you need. Top end is ready to be shipped but gonna spend this weekend pulling the rest of the bike apart. Due to...
  6. Complete Quad part out. NEW Motor also

    For Sale
    Got the motor back from being rebuilt and realized my frame Had a slight bend in the front. Has new piston and cylinder on motor. Don't want to put any more money into quad to get a new frame and swap it all over so decided to part it out. Here is a list of the major things for sale but like I...
  7. Rmz 450 motor

    Hey everyone. i recently purchased a rmz 450 parts lot. it is just about 3 complete motors that are all torn apart. they are said to be 2008 motors i was wondering if they will fit in the 05-07 frames because they only have the four speed transmissions and i would like to have a 5 speed. also i...
  8. LTR lost power, smells, and hard to start

    i have an 06 LTR, and it was getting harder and harder to start but on my last run .. it was about impossible to start and my friends said it smelled funny and sometimes smokes a bit if i push it real hard.. so ive looked around and i see posts about head gasket and/or rings. i jsut dont...
  9. Parting out 08 ltr motor

    For Sale
    Its stock let me know what u need and we can talk on prices. contact me 614-560-9362 names fred
  10. Motor build up ideas

    ok here goes...I have an 06 LTR it already has Full yoshimura rs 5 exhaust,cherry bomb,power commander,mod quads intake,yoshimura cams,wiseco 13:1 piston,running on 110 octane and a overside pwr radiator.but i blew it up.. little advise keep an eye on your timing chain cause it is going to...