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  1. General Discussion
    Recently traded for 91rm250 for a 07ltr450. I have noticed I need to replace a few things an I also what to add upgrades. so with what I noticed I need are Front/rear shocks Rear axle and swing-arm Tires/rims Vavles The battery and fuse covers This Machine will be staying in the family for a...
  2. General Discussion
    I'm experiencing some issues with my ltr450, I had one occasion where my quad wouldn't go into first but all other gears worked. After riding around and letting it cool everything worked like a dream but then had my push rod snap and my quad wouldn't come out of gear and stayed in first. I shut...
  3. ATV's For Sale / Wanted
    Yes, it is race ready you'd just need to do basic maintenance on it since it has been sitting in a warehouse for 9 years. I last rode it in the sand dunes of Idaho in 2011. I have since changed the oil and oil filter, changed radiator fluid and brake fluid, and run through the old gas that was...
  4. Engine/EFI/Drivetrain
    I just got this yesterday, and I have a few problems. It takes around 10 tries to get it started, and when it gets started it will cut out when I pull the clutch in. The pipe also will turn orange right by the cylinder. But when I am riding and pull the clutch in it will idle low and die. not...
  5. Group Purchases & Monthly Specials
    Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. 3 filters for $90. free shipping pm me and i can give you my email to leave me a note.
  6. ATV's For Sale / Wanted
    Selling a like new 2006 LTR-450 a 65 year old man traded in for a Polaris Ranger. The machine is all stock besides a steering stabilizer and tachometer. Tachometer reads 11.9 hours and the shape of machine doesn't disagree. there isn't a nick on this machine... Stock tires barely have any...
  7. General Discussion
    Hi, New to the forum, hope this is in the right place! I have had a LTR for a while now but due to where its being kept at the minute ive decided to buy a tracker. Now the tracker looks cool, full alarm, remote ignition, lock unlock etc. Now my instructions say FOOL PROOF, well obviously not...
  8. Wanted
    Need rear yellow plastic!! Have an o7 ltr and cant find rear plastics in yellow anywhere! Will pay for shipping if i must, no cracks!
  9. General Discussion
    Need help on what mount to use on a 10 in light bar on my 2007 ltr If you have pics or anything would help ... maybe some ideas
  10. Engine/EFI/Drivetrain
    I have an Ltr 450 09 blowing the main fuse every time I try and turn on the headlights, is this A short or a wiring issue? I went riding today and had not problems but when I got home and washed it off I noticed it was blowing fuses when I turn the key to turn on my headlights and it blows new...
  11. Body/Controls/Protection
    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the place where I need to post this at, but I was wondering if anyone knew where I could pick up a yellow front plastic (preferably maier) for an 09 ltr. We've been searching online for a good while with no luck. All everyone seems to have is the white or black...
  12. General Discussion
    Hello i have a question concerning a ltz 250 i had gotten my daughter for x mas it runs fine but when i hit the gas it sounds like the back breaks are locking up but i took them apart and cleaned them up and left the cable loose so they would not function and i rode it and it still made the...
  13. Engine/EFI/Drivetrain
    Hey guys, First post, Building my first LTR here. 2006, Big bore 474, full white brothers exhaust, a lot of goodies. I got it as a basket case. Been running into problems left and right, she's a fighter. Biggest problem I've run into is now my starter is turning backwards. The guy I got it off...
  14. ltr450

    ltr 450 2007 elka stage 5 suspenion maxxis tire dasa exhaust check my youtube for video ;)
  15. ltr450

    white ltr elka stage 5 suspension black ltr elka stage 5 suspension check my youtube for video ;)
  16. ltr450

    white ltr elka stage 5 suspension black ltr elka stage 5 suspension check my youtube for video ;)
  17. ltr450

    white ltr elka stage 5 suspension black ltr elka stage 5 suspension check my youtube for video ;)
  18. ltr450

    white ltr elka stage 5 suspension black ltr elka stage 5 suspension check my youtube for video ;)
  19. ATV's For Sale / Wanted
    It's not the best bike I'm only 18 years old and all my friends have a ltr and I love them so I was hoping to see if anyone will be willing I'm looking for 1 that is in ruff shape and probably dosent run no one would trade me straight up I don't think I have no cash to throw in so that's why...
1-19 of 53 Results