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  1. 2006 ltr 450 News
    Just wondering new to Suzuki was told clutch will start slipping if I use synthetic oil what oil should I use for my ltr450 and what weight
  2. LTR450 will not idle!! HELP!

    General Discussion
    Purchased an 06 LTR450 about 2 weeks ago. Got a fairly good deal on it considering it came with all 4 paddles, quad has air box kit, yoshi pipe, power commander 3, fresh trans rebuild, etc. bought it from the original owner! Anyways, the quad starts right up no problem but it will not idle. It...
  3. upgraded ltr 450 worth??

    General Discussion
    Hello I’m planning on building a 2006 ltr 450 with a big bore stroker kit as well as a top end wiseco rebuild I plan to go thru the whole engine and replace anything that looks worn! I’m also doing the shift pin relocater, manual cam chain tensioner and kw valve springs!! What would the quad be...
  4. LTR 450 dies when given throttle.

    My ltr 450 was running good so i ended up buying a athena 100mm big bore kit. got everything back together the quad starts and idles good but when given any throttle it bogs for a second then dies. i put gas down the lines to get any air pockets out and still doesnt seem to be working. what do...
  5. random stuff for mx build

    All of the following parts are for my mx build Ltr450 1. Uncut front yellow fenders 2. Generation x hood* bought one in black would like a blue metal flake hood 3. Quad tech Beak gray /nevermind have the gen x hood 4. Quad tech hump seat black, yellow, black/ blue 5. Cool looking rear rotor...
  6. Big bore hp gains

    Important Information
    Hey guys. I need help. I have a 2006 LTR450, stage one hot rods cams, pim2 and full yoshi exhaust system. I'm thinking of going bigbore. What horsepowet gains can I expec??? Looking maybe for the 490 bigbore kit, anythoughts maybe??
  7. Yfz 450 xc race ready

    ATV's For Sale / Wanted
    2006 YFZ 450 XC RACE READY Suspension: Front Fox Shox evol Rear Custom axis Stock rear swing arm -tusk axle +3-1 standard travel Houser A-arms Controls: Precision steering stabilizer ASV Front break lever Flexx Bars Rims & Tires HiPer front and rear Carbon fiber Rims Maxis razor front...
  8. 2006 ltr450 starter problem

    Hey. i have a 2006 ltr 450 Bought it almost a month ago. At first the starter worked just fine but about a week ago the starter started to go really slow. Sounded just like it was low battery volt but i meassured it and it was not the problem. Now it just a clicking sound when I press the start...
  9. Ltr 450

    Ltr 450

  10. high pitched noise when high rpm

    i have a 2006 ltr 450 and when i open it up i hear a high pitched noise. it sounds like it is coming from the engine but i cant tell. any body know what this is or how to fix it?
  11. Ltr 450 starter problems

    Member Introductions
    Having a problem with my starter, it's turning counter clockwise and to my research it's supposed to be turning clockwise? It started off sounding like my starter clutch was free spooling, it would start/ turn over sometimes but now it's only turning counter clockwise and free spooling.. I need...
  12. ltr 450 ohliins long travel shocks

    For Sale
    Long travel ohliins pro shocks good condition coils have typical cracking and roost...text for pictures 2095812399...900 obo open to traldes for shocks must be longtravel
  13. 07 ltr 450 vs 05 yfz 450

    General Discussion
    i have my 07 ltr 450 and my friend has an 05 yfz 450. here is a list of what we have done to our bikes. LTR yoshi exhaust pro design intake pclll high compretion piston 13:1 web cams +1 one intake and exhaust valves slight port and polish on the head running 110 race gas sprockets are 13 front...
  14. What could be wrong?

    I have a 2007 LT-R and can't figure out what is wrong with it. When idling barely giving it gas kills the engine and when riding, half way through throttle it stops accelerating. Thought it might not be getting enough fuel but fuel flow, injector, pump, and filters seem fine
  15. Got a little problem

    1st post new to the site. I got a 2007 ltr mods: cherry bomb, slip on, open air box, kibble white race valves, and port and polish. I'm getting oil in my air box and my oil smells like gas. It starts fine and don't smoke. I keep up on my oil changes. I noticed it last night after my race there...
  16. Rigid Industries Mounting Ideas

    Hey I'm trying to figure out the best way to mount my rigid industries dually's. I was wondering if anybody has any pictures using this mount Dually & D2 ATV Mount (pair) I have yet to see pictures of it on an actual quad, and i have tried searching everywhere :read: so if you have a picture...
  17. Cherry bomb w/ airbox lid

    Hi im looking into getting a cherry bomb for my Suzuki ltr 450, but to comply with race rules the air-box lid has to remain on.My question is will it run alright with cherry bomb,lid on and baffle/spark arrested thing from exhaust removed like it wont be to lean or anything? will there be a...
  18. Ltr Overhaul

    General Discussion
    Hey guys im about 90% done with my Ltr wanted to see what you all thought!
  19. A day out

    A day out

    Out in a plowed corn field
  20. Just joined, need plastics

    Member Introductions
    Hi everyone I'm looking for yellow plastics to my 2006 ltr I bought it off of a friend and the plastics were worn and I'd like to get them replaced, if anyone has a set they can send a pic of and give me a price on or help me out with where to look I'd appriciate it