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  1. Fan not working/lights don't light up sometimes

    Problem Solved!
    I have a 2008 LTR-450 that I just bought recently. I haven't really rode it much but the other day I noticed the bike was hot and the fan never turned on. I kept riding and then then the bike stalled out on me, I tried turning the key to fire it up again but the lights weren't working, they...
  2. led light bar

    General Discussion
    Need help on what mount to use on a 10 in light bar on my 2007 ltr If you have pics or anything would help ... maybe some ideas
  3. Rigid Industries Mounting Ideas

    Hey I'm trying to figure out the best way to mount my rigid industries dually's. I was wondering if anybody has any pictures using this mount Dually & D2 ATV Mount (pair) I have yet to see pictures of it on an actual quad, and i have tried searching everywhere :read: so if you have a picture...
  4. Best Trail Lights?

    General Discussion
    I have seen some of these frame mounted trail lights on the wuads what brands are there and which ones are the brightest?