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  1. fuel filter sale

    Group Purchases & Monthly Specials
    Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. 3 filters for $90. free shipping pm me and i can give you my email to leave me a note.
  2. Help - Running lean & backfiring

    Hi Guys, Recently bought an 09 LTR. It has a CRBM, Twin Air filter with exhaust baffle removed. The bike runs too lean (white spark plug) and can reach +90c if I stop and idle for a minute or two. It seems to run well with the exception of backfiring on deceleration at high revs and can take a...
  3. 2006 LTR 450 no swirl or inline filter

    Hey guys. New to this site and a new owner of a 2006 ltr (cherry bomb, air box lid removed and spark arrestor removed). I picked it up for cheap and it runs but not so good (idles ok, hard starting sometimes, and dies when you let off the throttle quick). I took off the petcock to see what the...
  4. LT-R450 will not start or run. Help

    My LTR 450 sat up for a couple weeks and then it was incredibly hard to crank, the starter would turn over but it was a problem getting it to start, but once it started it was fine and ran great until it sat for a few hours. I have done everything I could think of to fix it because now it will...