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  1. bogs and dies, help

    ok, so im in Afghanistan right now. before I left I drained my tank and filled it with AV gas, then started it up and let it idle for awhile to burn out any "gasoline" (magic water producer) that was in the lines, filter, pump, etc. It ran fine, sat and idled for about an hour. shut it off and...
  2. Will not idle and will not start with electric start and starter

    I have an 07 LT-R450 and was unable to start it after it sat in my basement for a couple weeks, took it to a shop where they tried to tell me I needed new intake and exhaust valves and a new piston and rings, I found this hard to believe seeing how I have never had a problem running it and when...
  3. Idle Issues: With video

  4. 450 running/idle/fuel problems help needed!

    Ok guys I'm a new 450 owner, that being said i just purchased an 06 450 tgat had some work done by williams performance it has a hotcam oversized valves and port and polished head Here's the deal, Cold start: Starts perfect just push of a button no throttle assistance to fire up Rev's nicely...
  5. LTR lost power, smells, and hard to start

    i have an 06 LTR, and it was getting harder and harder to start but on my last run .. it was about impossible to start and my friends said it smelled funny and sometimes smokes a bit if i push it real hard.. so ive looked around and i see posts about head gasket and/or rings. i jsut dont...
  6. hard to start/hard to idle/alote of black smoke

    my ltr is acting all wierd, just rebuilt the engine. new piston new transmission, timing is at 15 teeth valves are at clearance tolerances, i checked all wiring all sensors, took the throttle body out checked it. It is hard to start, once started iddling is very hard have to hold throttle, and...
  7. Rough idle wont stay running

    Hello all, iv searched the site for a couple hours now and have had no luck on my problem. its an 08 model with full yosh exhaust cherry bomb and rekluse clutch. iv been through all sensors replaced stator with one off the shelf in the garage, cleaned injector, set tps, new spark plug, checked...