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hot cams

  1. 2008 ltr 450

    For Sale
    Finished the full rebuild and got injured unable to ride any more. Below is a list of the parts used in the build. Only thing required is a proper tune to the EFI controller. Bike is located in westchester NY, asking $4,000. PM to speak about it or ask for more pictures. 08 LTR450 Freshly...
  2. Please help!

    Suspension / Steering / Chassis
    Ok. So I went to replace my front wheel bearings on my 08 450 ltr. One side was really worn out. I have everything disassembled, except.. I can't get the upper and lower ball joints out to remove hub assembly so I can replace bearings. I was reading were people was cutting off old ball joint...
  3. Adding a header and Hot Cam Intake cam to my 06 LTR 450

    Hello. I am new to this forum and I purchased my 2006 LTR 2 months ago. I am now adding performance parts and so far I have just installed a Yoshimura Cherry Bomb and UNI air filter. I have purchased a Hot Cam Intake camshaft and a Pro Circuit Header and would like to install them, however, I...
  4. 2006 Need head prefer w/cams

    just bought this 06' and discovered that the cam lock (sorry if thats not the correct name) on the intake side was cracked... ordered some used ones and went to install them. Found the head to be cracked on the sprocket side of the intake cam. Cam journal looks to b marred and cam shows wear...