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high compression

  1. Port&Polish Cams?? Duner build

    Hey guys I am new to this. I am building an Ltr and was wondering if porting my head and adding cams would make a big gain on my motor? Currently have 13.5:1 cp piston, k&n velocity intake, pc3, cherry bomb & dg slip on. Any suggestions??
  2. Big Bore, high comp, stroker

    looking to build my 06. any opinions or comments on what works and what doesn't? wanting to do full build...
  3. Does anyone have experience with the Juice Box? I need settings

    Dyno/Tuning Room
    I'm just wanting some baselines to start with. I know how to operate it though, I've read the manual. Mods are 12:1 piston, hot cams intake cam, Williams (port/polish, +1 ex valves), full yoshi exhaust, pro design intake ring with uni filter and a two bros Juice Box (not the pro version). Id...