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help won't run

  1. LTR 450 dies when given throttle.

    My ltr 450 was running good so i ended up buying a athena 100mm big bore kit. got everything back together the quad starts and idles good but when given any throttle it bogs for a second then dies. i put gas down the lines to get any air pockets out and still doesnt seem to be working. what do...
  2. LTR bogging. HELP!

    Hi, I have raced two wheels my whole life and finally decided to make the switch to four so I went and got me an 06 LTR. (my wallet isn't near as excited as I am, quickly discovering twice the wheels means twice the money) Anyway, the bike sat up for a long time before I got it due to the one...
  3. Fuel pump not priming

    Hey guys, more issues. I turn on my key and the only light that comes on is the neutral light, fuel pump doesn't prime, and the FI and gas light stay dark. I did the blob delete yesterday and started it up after and ran fine so I know my wiring was correct. I have tried all the easy stuff...
  4. Ltr will start when fuel pump is unplugged only

    Hi, I have some crazy issues going and have searched and searched and found no answers. My 06 ltr's fi light blinks constant and it's like the cylinder is loading up with fuel. I will turn it over and it tries to start but won't. So the crazy part is once it's loads up with some fuel I can...
  5. LT-R450 Idles great, but dies as soon as I give it gas..Please Help

    I know there are many other forums posted about this similar topic and I have read them all, but I still have not fixed my quad. I own an '06 LTR and have loved it ever since I got it, but it has recently been giving me this problem. I start it up and it will idle all day, but as soon as I push...
  6. Fuel Problem need help!

    Hey guys I'm having a problem that is drivin me crazy, ok here goes, my ltr ran fine one Saturday, Monday I went to unload it and it took forever to start and wen it did it ran like crap, I drained the tank, I have an inline filter that I put a new firer in, flushed the lines, took pump apart...